Lotus Yoga Leggings

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Practice true Ahimsa in these Gaia saving microstripe bamboo and organic cotton yoga leggings with lotus cut-outs at the calf. Low impact pockets are streamlined but still perfect for a yoga pass, or bank card. Style seams are sport sewn for durability, and extra-wide waistband that will move with you. The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

What we say…

These. Leggings. The pockets are amazing! Haven’t you always wanted to get your slouchy hands on while waiting to do some yoga? Or maybe you just need a place to put your extra radness…leggings with pockets are the bomb. Get some. ( Anik says: what I like is that the pockets are so flat you can wear an extra long top or tunic and it’s still seamless).